i'm beth, twentyone and from newcastle/uk.

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I do not want work today. Can I just get back into bed instead?:(


i don’t understand how some shops can even say they have a size guide… i bought some jeans in a size 8 which were too small, so i bought them in a 10, and they were still too small. there was no way i was gonna even try on the 12s because i know i’m no way a size 12…then i bought a different style jean from the same shop and the size 8 is too big for me…what even?


All of the Lights
would love to go here.

i’ve been skint for a few months now so when i next get paid i’m gonna go all out and treat myself to some new winter clothes, a hair cut and pretty underwear.


i just started watching lost today and i’m addicted already. goodbye life!


Downtown LA on Flickr.

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Anonymous said: you're so damn beautiful

thankyou! :)