i'm beth, twentyone and from newcastle/uk.

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Reading in bed and listening to it rain outside. ❤️

today three people complimented my foot tattoo and it made me happy cause nobody ever seems to notice it (prob cause my feet are so small and i’m a short ass)


i’m so excited that i only have eight shifts left before i jet off to portugal for a week of sun and relaxing. i’m looking forward to a break, definitely need it after recent events!



i just saw a gif on here of a spinning class and i just realised how much i miss going to them! they were so good-you could guarantee you could walk in there fine and after an hours class your legs would be like jelly and you’d be so hot you’d feel like you’re melting but it was so good ! i’m definitely gonna take them up again maybe a couple of times a week.


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my new jeans make my bum look amazing hehehe.


what kind of fuckery are we?