i'm beth, twentyone and from newcastle/uk.

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Anonymous said: how tall are you?

just under 5’3 :)


Dolomites, Italy | David Pasztor
Today, I bought a miniature cactus. #kevin #cactus #cutebutspikey 🌵
Off to tynemouth market 😊☀️

mostly nature

i feel like i just need to sit down with someone and have a big old cry, just because. and i know i’d feel so much better after. i wish i didn’t let things build up for so long until i’m like a nervous wreck about everything.


feelin confused about so much in my life right now.

Roasted veg all picked fresh from the garden today! 😍
Iced lemon water while enjoying the sun in the garden. 😊
What a hard life!